Monday, October 25, 2021

Welcome to Oslo

Oslo is an old city that is eagerly reshaping for the Transmodern world. When I first moved to Norway fifteen years ago, Oslo was a bleak and grey city, distant and isolating – very different to what it is, and becoming, today. It seems it was the opening of the Oslo Opera House in 2008 that set off a rush through the city for newness, creating a quiet boom for art and culture, fine local produce and new cuisines, and friendlier spaces for interactions and community.

The urban landscape has dramatically changed over the last ten years with the rejuvenation of the docks, the development of the Barcode Project and the creation of new eco-neighbourhoods around the city. The introduction of indoor food markets has not only exposed regional and international produce to the locals, but the halls have become the new community centres of the city. And because of Oslo’s new commitment to eco-urban living, becoming a ‘clean and human-friendly’ city, it has been awarded the 2019 European Green Capital.

Oslo may be a late bloomer – in its multicultural-adolescence compared to other cosmopolitain cities around of the world – but it is certainly exciting times for the old Viking city. In truth, it still has a way to go, culture can move slow and old habits die hard, but you can feel the potential in the air. To witness a sustainable urban revolution, Oslo is the place to be.

Join me as I discover the ‘little big’ Oslo, a city bursting to innovate and modernise its urban culture and community.

Welcome to My Little Oslo!

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